Folddress, Fuschia

Folddress, Fuschia

One of my absolute fabs!
It is not as complicated as it looks. It´s a simple wrap-around-dress, just cutted as a square.
Magnificent to look at and actually impressive to wear-e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e gets amazed!
It´s almost a promise from me.
But with that said, no one understands it unless you have it on, so this beauty tends to hang on tho the rack quite some time before it finds its owner :-)
With these very good pictures it might go faster :-)

Made out of 80% hemp and 20% silk
A it has straps on each side to tie the dress it has built-in-adjustable sizing why it only comes in one size, however it does fit the most.
1500 DKK700 DKK