Weekend Bag multicoloured

Weekend Bag multicoloured

I have made the perfect weekend bag!
And it has loads of different colours on it, like a canvas being painted.
The one I have search for so long, who has the perfect space for the weekend gear, small pockets with zippers on outside for passports and important travel stuff, who has a large pockets on the other side for the Magazine I am reading, or am about to grab, who I can turn into a rucksack wich a simple trick, when things are getting out of hands and I need both my flats, or who looks just so stylish as I wish when I am carrying air and a pair of sparkeling shoes inside ....-that´s the perfect weekend bag for me and here it is for You...

Has shoulderstrap
Hidden straps for the rucksack that your make avaliable with a zipper
Pockets in side and outside
Measures 50 x 30 x 40
1500 DKK400 DKK